[Samba] [maybe semi OT] samba deny execution of files on novell shares to novell clients

Andrea Zagli azagli at libero.it
Wed Jul 8 17:36:33 GMT 2009

that's the situation:
- a novell server that shares some disks
- a samba pdc, with ldap backend, that mounts novell shares via ncpfs  
and ipx and then exports them
- some client computers authenticate to novell
- some client computers (without novell client) authenticate to samba
- samba clients view novell shares through the samba server (via ip)

that's the problem:
- when a samba client opens first an exe file that resides on novell  
shares it deny to execute the same file to all novell's clients (but  
it doesn't deny the execution to other samba clients)

it seems that the lock is on dll which the executable depends on and  
not on the exe file, beacause i have an executable that doesn't depend  
on dll and it is not locked

the error that i recieve is "application failed to initialize properly"

i tried to set no locks on samba share without result

what can the problem be?

samba server: debian etch
samba version: 3.0.24

thanks in advance

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