[Samba] Best way to setup Samba + OpenLDAP + Linux to use a different partition for /home?

Jonathon Doran jon at doransw.com
Tue Jul 7 18:10:32 GMT 2009

> 1)  Would it be better to only have the Samba users files on the large
> RAID drive, leaving the admin and root homes on the OS drive?
> 2)  If it is, how would I set up for the admin account.  For example,
> the admin is a user named 'fred' and he will also be logging onto the
> Samba server.  Should I create a separate admin account?  Or could I
> simply create two different home directories - one for the regular users
> and one for the admins?
> 3)  What is the easiest way to set this up so a person with little
> technical background can do it fairly easily?

I'm perhaps the last person who should be answering any questions here,
as I'm unable to get some things working on my own.  But I'll throw out
my two cents and see what comments come from it.

We have our users files on an external RAID.  If you have that RAID  
mounted on the server, there is no reason I can think of why you  
couldn't point the user's home directories at the RAID.  We use  
smbldap-useradd to create new users, and
the configuration file for the smbldap tools has a "userHome" variable  
which specifies the default path for home directories (ie "/home/%U").

There is nothing (again that I can think of) to prevent you from  
placing different user's home directories in different locations.   
smbldap-useradd has a "-d" switch to override, and I suppose one could  
edit the LDAP record for the user.  We have two accounts which have  
their credentials in the shadow password file, and can therefore login  
without LDAP running.  I think this is important not to put all of  
your eggs in one basket.

In the case of your third question, I created a page on our internal  
wiki with some examples of performing basic operations like adding  
accounts.  Each semester we need to bulk add class accounts, so I  
threw something together
which created accounts based on a list of users.  As long as the  
person can follow directions they are fine.

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