[Samba] Best way to setup Samba + OpenLDAP + Linux to use a different partition for /home?

Matt Burkhardt mlb at imparisystems.com
Tue Jul 7 17:18:00 GMT 2009

Thanks in advance!  I can't believe the level of service / help I've
gotten from this group.

Anyway, I have a Samba server acting as a PDC on a network.  The server
has a small OS drive and one very large RAID array for data / files.
Right now, I have Ubuntu 8.04 installed and Samba is using openLDAP for

The person who will add new users is not very technical and needs a
simple way to add new users.

Right now, I have him adding users via the Webmin LDAP Users and Groups
modules.  It's working just fine.

However, it creates home directories on the small OS drive and he would
like to have them all moved to the large RAID array.

I have a couple of questions -

1)  Would it be better to only have the Samba users files on the large
RAID drive, leaving the admin and root homes on the OS drive?

2)  If it is, how would I set up for the admin account.  For example,
the admin is a user named 'fred' and he will also be logging onto the
Samba server.  Should I create a separate admin account?  Or could I
simply create two different home directories - one for the regular users
and one for the admins?

3)  What is the easiest way to set this up so a person with little
technical background can do it fairly easily?


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mlb at imparisystems.com
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