[Samba] VFS recycle & force user

deseyve at linuxbox.cz deseyve at linuxbox.cz
Tue Jul 7 13:47:31 GMT 2009


i have problem with share with parametr "force user"

Here i my settings of VFS modul recycle

vfs object = recycle
                recycle:repository = .recycle/%u
                recycle:maxsize = 50000000
                recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.temp *.o *.obj ~$*
                recycle:exclude_dir = sdileni/*/profile* tmp temp cache
                recycle:versions = yes
                recycle:touch = yes
                recycle:keeptree = yes

and this is my share

        path = /home/sdileni/instalace
        comment = software, instalace
        force group = smbgroup
        force user = smbuser
        public = yes

If i delete some file from this share, then samba make
directory .recycle/smbuser. But in older version (for example Samba 3.3.0)
samba maked directory .recycle/real_user - and this i need! It's possible?
I must have something new in configuration or is this new behavior of

thanks, Lukas

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