[Samba] Re: can't access samba PDC after power cut

Olivier Nicole on at cs.ait.ac.th
Tue Jul 7 10:57:34 GMT 2009

> 'smbclient -L -U 
> lscarneiro' returns me the following message:
>     Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED)

To me too, but I think that your smbclient command is not valid.

It should rather be -I I think.

By the way, are you sure that your Samba server should be responding
to the loopback address? Here it is not. Try 'netstat -na|grep 445'
and see what IP address is listening.

You write that:

> the samba server indeed starts

But does it successfully start? Is it still runninng?

Try 'ps auwx|grep mdb' you should see the nmbd and smbd processes.



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