[Samba] Re: can't access samba PDC after power cut

Leonardo Carneiro lscarneiro at veltrac.com.br
Tue Jul 7 10:42:13 GMT 2009

yes, i can. i have other services relying on ldap, and they are running 
the samba server indeed starts, but a 'smbclient -L -U 
lscarneiro' returns me the following message:

    Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED)

i'm already going nuts with this. every user on my network is screaming 
in my phone =S

tks in advance for any help

jamrock escreveu:
> "Leonardo Carneiro" <lscarneiro at veltrac.com.br> wrote in message
> news:4A5268E1.2080009 at veltrac.com.br...
> hello guys,
> after a power cut in this weekend, the filesystem of the machine running
> samba+ldap currupted. i did a fsck and every other services in the
> machine are running fine now, but i cannot access the samba shares and
> cannot join/log in the domain.
> in the windows machines it just show a message "the network path is not
> found".
> Can you search the ldap directory using the standard ldap tools.  e.g.
> ldapsearch?
> If not, the problem could be with ldap and not Samba.


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