[Samba] Re: TOSHARG-DomainMember.xml translate finish and some bug found

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Mon Jul 6 20:40:55 GMT 2009


OPC oota wrote:
> Now, TOSHARG-DomainMember.xml translate to Japanese finished.
> and Some bug found.
> <procedure>
> <title>Server Manager Account Machine Account Management</title>
>                       -------Domain?
>         <step><para>
>         From the menu select <guimenu>Computer</guimenu>.
>         </para></step>
>         When the user elects to make the client a domain member, Windows 200x prompts for
>         an account and password that has privileges to create  machine accounts in the domain.
>         A Samba administrator account (i.e., a Samba account that has <constant>root</constant> privileges on the
>         Samba server) must be entered here; the operation will fail if an ordinary user
>         account is given.
> ---> Can user who have SeMachineAccountPrivilege rights  join machine ?
I'm not sure how this works in Samba 3 actually, hopefully somebody else
> <para>
> <indexterm><primary>ADS</primary></indexterm>
> <indexterm><primary>SRV records</primary></indexterm>
> <indexterm><primary>DNS zon</primary></indexterm>
>                         ---zone?
> <indexterm><primary>Kerberos</primary></indexterm>
> <indexterm><primary>Create the Computer Account</primary></indexterm>
> <indexterm><primary>Testing Server Setup</primary></indexterm>
> <indexterm><primary></primary></indexterm>
>                    -why null?
Thanks, fixed.
> If all you want is Kerberos support in &smbclient;, then you can skip directly to <link
>         <indexterm><primary>kinit</primary></indexterm>
>         <indexterm><primary>rights</primary></indexterm>
>         You need to log in to the domain using <userinput>kinit
>                     -------
>                     login ?
>         <replaceable>USERNAME</replaceable>@<replaceable>REALM</replaceable></userinput>.
>         <replaceable>USERNAME</replaceable> must be a user who has rights to add a machine to the domain.
>         </para></listitem></varlistentry>
Similar to the previous chapter, I think "log in" is also valid.



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