[Samba] roaming profiles

Wojciech Giel wojtekgiel at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 06:59:22 GMT 2009

Gary Dale wrote:
>The netlogon share is, AFAIK, used if you want to provide scripts to be 
>run at logon. It's not essential for roaming profiles but it's also 
>probably not large so there is no point in not having one. Corporate 
>types love being able to control end user's using netlogon scripts.

>Profiles are a copy of your Windows account profile that gets synched 
>when you log on or off a Windows computer. The problem is, if you have 
>lots of files in My Documents, it can get large and synching can take a 
>long time.

>AFAIK there is no need for them both to be on the same machine but I've 
>never tried doing it any other way. Not sure how to specify them on 
>different machines. You can put your netlogon and profiles anywhere. 

But can I stay only with this entries in smb.conf
         logon script = scripts\logon.bat
         logon home = \\OXHILL\%U
         logon path = \\OXHILL\%U\.profiles
         logon drive = H:

and get rid of [profile] share at all on pdc or member.

>The path you specify in your smb.conf above puts it in a hidden (.profile) 
>directory in a user's Unix home folder. However, they may not have one. 

it is created automatically by scripts. But I only need  to configure samba to 
work correctly in this layout.

>I keep mine in 
>/home/samba/netlogon and /home/samba/profiles/%U myself. You can still 
>share that for each user but it keeps your /home directory smaller - 
>only Unix accounts & samba show up directly in /home.


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