[Samba] Samba local master browser crashes the Windows domain master browser

Brian H. Nelson bnelson at cis.ysu.edu
Fri Jan 30 23:19:30 GMT 2009

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> A crash on the Windows server is definately a Microsoft
> bug. If you can reproduce it at will I'd suggest sending
> a bug report their way.
> Jeremy.

I agree completely. My main thought was that 'Samba crashing Windows' 
ultimately makes Samba look bad. Besides that, it's not unlikely that 
there is also a bug in Samba that is contributing.

Either way, there doesn't seem to be a way to even talk to Microsoft 
without shelling out money. I'm going to check with a co-worker who has 
an MSDN sub next week and see if there is a route there.


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System Administrator   Media and Academic Computing

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