[Samba] ACLs under Samba 3.3.0

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Fri Jan 30 22:32:55 GMT 2009

> Volker's changes are correct, in that delete access in POSIX does not
> belong to a file itself, but to the containing directory. So really
> we should remove the DELETE_ACCESS bit from both the file and the
> directory ACL returned.

Without having the deep knowledge you have about this, it seems to me 
that this statement is indeed correct but...
> This unfortunately breaks the fiction of a rwx permission mapping directly into Windows FULL_CONTROL.

I can live with that as long as can can set full permissions for users.
The ideal would be:

'map acl full control = yes' -> do what it describes

'map acl full control = no' -> enable us to set the "Delete" permission 
(and others) separately.

The problem with 3.3.0 is that I cannot set the delete permission and as 
such users with rwx at the filesystem level cannot delete the files.

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