[Samba] ACLs under Samba 3.3.0

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Fri Jan 30 19:24:34 GMT 2009

Is behavior of ACLs under Samba 3.3.0 (Sernet) completely different from 
that under version 3.2.7? The release notes only talks about some "fixes".

I installed version 3.3.0 and got completely different result with the 
same filesystem and the exact same samba configuration. The ACLs behaved 
strangely and appeared very different under Windows ACL editor. Users 
were  now unable to delete the exact same files they had just created in 
a folder.

When seen under the Windows ACL editor, the "Delete" permission was 
unselected. All efforts to activate it failed. Even resetting the 
permissions on the command line with setfacl did not have any effect. I 
then reverted to 3.2.7-38 and all was right again, without any 
modification whatsoever.

Is this a bug or is it by design? If it is by design, then the release 
notes really should have warned against such a *huge* difference in 

I observed this under Samba Sernet 3.3.0+CentOS 5.2.

On the subject of ACLs, is there any documentation available about the 
experimental vfs modules acl_tdb and acl_xattr?

Than you for your attention.

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