[Samba] User Manager for Domains -- Groups not showing

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Jan 30 18:27:48 GMT 2009

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 12:13:45AM -0800, Ray Klassen wrote:
> I have a network of about 100+ users with a Samba 3.0.25 server with
> an LDAP backend that I configured myself (with some help). Recently I
> have had to add about 300 more users to my system and now I need to
> get a slightly less technical person to help me manage the accounts.
> I've been happily using smbldap-tools all of this time, but when I
> showed what I do to my hapless trainee, her eyes started to glaze
> over. So as an alternative I'd like to start using the 'User Manager
> for Domains' in the SRVTOOLS.EXE archive. She might find the point and
> click of it all more friendly. Only thing is, when I start up User
> Manager, I can see all the users, but I can't see the groups. So I did
> a bit of checking and found that nowhere are those available as a
> list. Not even 'net rpc group list' will give me a list, even though
> if I add someone to my Domain Admins group everything works correctly.
> At the windows workstation end I can access the groups by name, to set
> the permissions of a share to certain group, etc. but I can't list
> them as I can the users.I've checked all the files...
> smb.conf,ldap.conf,slapd.conf,smbldap.conf and the Groups directive
> matches up with the right ldap 'ou' and so on. Has anyone any
> pointers?

There was a bug in earlier versions of the smbldap-tools
that creates groups with the wrong sid-type. I'd suggest
upgrading to 3.0.34 (latest 3.0.x release) and then ensuring
the group-type is changed in your LDAP db (I think it should be
type 5, rather than type 4 but this could be the other way
around :-).


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