[Samba] Samba local master browser crashes the Windows domain master browser

Brian H. Nelson bnelson at cis.ysu.edu
Fri Jan 30 16:08:05 GMT 2009

Not even a comment on this?


Brian H. Nelson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a Windows 2003sp2 domain with a few Samba 3.0 member servers. 
> This domain services about 700 XP PCs distributed across 15 or so 
> subnets.
> On one particular subnet there are about 300 PCs, 2 or 3 2003 member 
> servers and a samba 3.0.28 member server (solaris). When/if the samba 
> server picks up the local master browser role, it will cause the 
> domain master browser to crash after a short while (5-30 min). As long 
> as one of the windows machines is LMB, everything works fine. I have 
> been able to reproduce the crash several times by switching the samba 
> machine back to LMB (with os level = 255).
> I do have at least one other Samba machine acting as a local master. 
> This machine does not seem to cause the above problem, but it is on a 
> different subnet that has far fewer machines (less that 50). That 
> samba is 3.0.23c (ancient, I know).
> The domain master is the 2003 DC that carries the PDC emulator FSMO 
> role. Moving the PDC role around to other DCs causes the crash problem 
> to follow to the new machine. Stopping the Computer Browser service on 
> that DC prevents the crash from happening, but that is not really a 
> solution. Setting 'local master = no' on the samba machine also takes 
> care of this problem, which I have done, but I still feel that this is 
> a pretty major issue and should be investigated further.
> I suspect that this is ultimately a Microsoft bug, but being that only 
> Samba seems to tickle it is why I'm posting here.
> Are there any known issues related to this? I have a network trace and 
> a level 10 nmbd log of the problem. Should I open a bug?
> Thanks much,
> -Brian

Brian H. Nelson         Youngstown State University
System Administrator   Media and Academic Computing

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