[Samba] Groups not Showing

rayklassen at gmail.com rayklassen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 08:19:06 GMT 2009

I have a network of about 100+ users with a Samba 3.0.25 server with
an LDAP backend that I configured myself (with some help). Recently I
have had to add about 300 more users to my system and now I need to
get a slightly less technical person to help me manage the accounts.
I've been happily using smbldap-tools all of this time, but when I
showed what I do to my hapless trainee, her eyes started to glaze
over. So as an alternative I'd like to start using the 'User Manager
for Domains' in the SRVTOOLS.EXE archive. She might find the point and
click of it all more friendly. Only thing is, when I start up User
Manager, I can see all the users, but I can't see the groups. So I did
a bit of checking and found that nowhere are those available as a
list. Not even 'net rpc group list' will give me a list, even though
if I add someone to my Domain Admins group everything works correctly.
At the windows workstation end I can access the groups by name, to set
the permissions of a share to certain group, etc. but I can't list
them as I can the users.I've checked all the files...
smb.conf,ldap.conf,slapd.conf,smbldap.conf and the Groups directive
matches up with the right ldap 'ou' and so on. Has anyone any

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