[Samba] Samba and Cups

ml at s-it.ch ml at s-it.ch
Thu Jan 29 07:48:13 GMT 2009


We're using samba as a PDC with LDAP-backend on a freebsd based system.
Now I got two questions about Samba and Cups.

1. Group Print Operators
There is a pre defined group called "Print Operators", GID 550.
But if a user is part of this group, he isn't able to start/stop jobs or
printers. Is there something I need to configure?
Users in the "Domain Admin" group are able to start/stop jobs or printers.

2. Printers are often paused
Every day I need to resume one or more printer because they are
automatically paused. Does anybody know why this may happen?

Thanks for your help


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