[Samba] Windows profile properties with Samba

Troy Heidner theidner.mail at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 23:24:52 GMT 2009

Hello everyone,

We are investigating migrating our Windows 2003 active directory domain to a
purely Samba one.  I am a relative novice to Samba.  I have used it many
times to do simple file and printer sharing on an individual or workgroup
basis, but never in a domain environment.  One of the things I need to find
out how to do involves delivering Windows profiles.  On our Windows network,
some users use local profiles, some use roaming profiles, and some use
mandatory profiles; depending on their status as staff, faculty, or
student.  Currently, I set these attributes individually in each user
object's properties in active directory.

I have successfully deployed a roaming profile on my test Samba network.
But so far I can only see how to do this globally for all users in the
global section of the smb.conf.  I HAVE to be able to assign these on an
individual or group basis based on the needs of different users.  I intend
to use LDAP for my backend.  As I understand it, you can set many different
user attributes using LDAP.  I would like to find out specifically how to
setup individual windows profiles, and generally whatever other windows
property managements may be possible?  I'd also like to know if it is
possible to assign these kinds of attributes to groups in Samba.  It would
be convenient to be able to set up an environment configuration based on
group membership.  Then I could control these things merely by moving users
in and out of different groups.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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