[Samba] mangled filenames

Desmond Vicks dez at accid.net
Wed Jan 28 10:29:01 GMT 2009

James Tandy wrote:

> I too have experienced this problem, however this was using XP SP2/3 
> clients and an openSUSE 11 server.
> The summary of the problem for XP:
> When downloading a file from the internet, or another windows/samba pc 
> that is not in the Intranet security zone, by default XP creates 2 files.
> DownloadedFile.exe
> DownloadedFile.exe:Zone.Identifier
> The result is that when viewing the folder in question in XP, the : is 
> not a valid character for a filename, and so the file is inaccessible 
> and displays a strange filename.
> I can't rememebr what samba version I was running however,
> I fixed it initially by adding "vfs objects = streams_xattr" to smb.conf 
> as suggested in the following thread
> http://forums.opensuse.org/network-internet/387779-samba-file-transfer-creates-zone-identifier-files.html 

I've finally got around to testing this and unfortunately neither the 
"vfs objects = streams_xattr" option nor using a newer version of samba 
helped (FreeBSD has 3.2.7), some files still show up with pseudo-random 
filenames (ACD76Y~N, AOBC8G~A).

A workaround of renaming all of the illegal character containing folders 
is possible, but I'd rather prefer a server-end solution, if such exists.

Is there anything else I can try to get this resolved on the server, 
without having to touch the files themselves?



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