[Samba] postexec script

gdn gdn at fxclub.org
Tue Jan 27 13:30:43 GMT 2009


What we have:
FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p1 with samba-3.0.34,1

I want log IP addr and login of my domain users to file.
I use preexec and postexec scripts:

logon script = /var/db/samba/netlogon/startup.bat ## script for use in 
root preexec = /var/db/samba/netlogon/netlogon.sh %u %I
root postexec = /var/db/samba/netlogon/netlogoff.sh %U

preexec script work fine:

#cat users_logon

connect admin

But my postexec script wont work and I don`t know why.
Seems to it is not exec at all.

What I miss? How can I do this?

Best regards,

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