[Samba] NETBEUI, Linux and Samba. Anyone done it lately?

Brad Goldsmith bradley.goldsmith at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 01:37:28 GMT 2009


I have a *very* old embedded system that only talks netbeui between
machines with hard coded names and paths and other such goodness. No
this machine cannot be changed.

Rather than having windows 2k or a forced xp box to act as a wedge
between the old black box and the rest of the network, I'd like to
have a linux solution.

Searches have revealed some old discussion on this list about it,
especially around the time that procomm released some kernel code to
support it, but I can't find any recent discussion.

Has anyone successfully got a NETBEUI stack on a linux machine working
lately and gotten samba to play nice with it?

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.


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