[Samba] limit user logon to

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sun Jan 25 16:47:31 GMT 2009

> I have a LDAP server as passdb backend but how it is possible? what 
> should I do?

One of the attributes for objectClass "sambaSamAccount" is 
"sambaUserWorkstations". It is one of the components of a Samba account 
in LDAP.

What are you using to manage your LDAP backend? As an example, from a 
Windows client you can see and manage your LDAP directory with  the free
LDAP Admin:


You can also manage your directory with a browser using the following 
(among many):


LDAP Account Manager

User Manager, which comes with Microsoft's Server Tools for Windows NT4, 
also enables you to manage a Samba account stored in LDAP, including 
workstations to which a user is allowed to login.


Have a nice time!

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