[Samba] smbpasswd or tdbsam? Which one?

Aaron Souza aaronmsouza at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 22:05:11 GMT 2009

All, I have a site with around 200 concurrent users, with a user count of
over a thousand... I'm currently using just one PDC using the smbpasswd
backend. I currently do not want to go into an LDAP backend... but would
tdbsam be a better alternative?

One of the issues I have is, pretty randomly, I have some machines that
cannot find the domain controller (dell wireless card utility tells you it
cant via login). I'm guessing its because when I grep on 'corrupt' from
/var/log/messages, I have many errors because of poor account managment.
(exists in smbpaswd but not unix /etc/passwd. )

Thanks for the support.

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