[Samba] Re: time sync issue

Mark Nienberg gmane at tippingmar.com
Tue Jan 20 18:18:07 GMT 2009

wes wrote:

> I have done this on the XP machines. I think XP only syncs like once a week
> or something.

I haven't had any trouble with it and it certainly seems to sync at bootup plus some 
other schedule of which I am less certain.

> I would like the directions for 2k as well. I still have a few of those
> around, but they are on the way out.

   Windows 2000 computers can run the Windows Time Service to
   synchronize clocks with an ntp server on the network.  This
   is better than the method of setting the clock with a
   "net time" command in the logon script because it keeps the
   clock in sync between logins.

	To make it work follow these steps:

	1. If it is already running, stop the Windows Time Service
	   on the workstation.
	2. Double click the file "timeset.reg"
	   to update the registry settings.  See below for what these are.
	3. Set the "Startup Type" of the Windows Time Service to "Automatic"
	   and Start it.

The contents of the "timeset.reg" file are as follows.  Note that you will have to 
edit the NtpServer value.  An IP address probably works as well as a name.  In my 
case the name is in the workstation "hosts" file.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    Note that the "special skew" means that the checks will be performed
    every 45 minutes until 3 successful checks have been made, then once
    every 8 hours after that.

    The Time Service doesn't do any logging, but you can test to see if
    the sync works with the command:

	w32tm -once -test -v

    and you can see what the NtpServer is currently set to with:

	net time /querysntp

Mark Nienberg

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