[Samba] Changes on samba server screwed windows profiles

Dennis Duggen dennis at riberhusprivatskole.dk
Fri Jan 16 09:23:34 GMT 2009

Hi list

I've installed Samba Version: 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3.4. And everything works 
fine. But after i added the logon script and changed the servername. My 
testmachines start with a profile that is totally screwed.

Windows logs on as usual and gets its profile. After logon i there is 
the old windows2000 look instead of windowsXP look. Background image is 
gone and most important the keyboard layout is set to American instead 
of Danish.

Even after removing all profiles and rebooting the windows client the 
effect is the same. If i change the smb.conf settings back and rejoin 
the domain on the client everything is as it was before. I've had this 
problem before but could solve it by deleting the user profile. This 
time it didn't work.

So why is it happening and how can i solve it?

In advance thanks for all the help.


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