[Samba] samba 4 and unix groups

Daniel Dekok daniel.dekok at sirca.org.au
Fri Jan 16 05:01:14 GMT 2009


I've been playing with a samba 4 installation to try out some things (and 
integrate with some windows/cifs based hardware that claims not to work 
with samba) and everythings going ok so far, using the alpha 5 release and 
i can get users and machines onto the domain, and the hardware seems to 
not know its not a standard AD setup.

I've been using the howto on the wiki, and i've got to the point of 
groups, and it says to use SWAT to link the unix group and the windows 
group together, but SWAT isn't installed with alpha 5.  Is there an 
alternate method to create this link, or is it even needed?  (It'll 
probably be useful as we're going to be using samba to provide cifs based 
file shares back to linux hosts, and keeping uids/gids similar will be 



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