[Samba] time sync issue

wes samba at the-wes.com
Thu Jan 15 01:48:26 GMT 2009

I am running a Samba domain controller with LDAP integration. I have at
least some workstations which do not seem to be syncing the time with the DC
at all. My first instinct is to simply set the time with a logon script, but
of course that runs as the user, whom does not have permission to set the
system time. I would prefer to get it working right, to where the system
syncs its time with the time server runnong in the DC.

I have tried to find the cause. net time \\dc1 works fine. There are no
entries in the event log regarding a failure to sync with the time server.
What can I do to find out why it's not syncing?


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