[Samba] mangled filenames

James Tandy james at jamestandy.com
Wed Jan 14 14:21:27 GMT 2009

Hi Desmond,

I too have experienced this problem, however this was using XP SP2/3 
clients and an openSUSE 11 server.

The summary of the problem for XP:

When downloading a file from the internet, or another windows/samba pc 
that is not in the Intranet security zone, by default XP creates 2 files.

The result is that when viewing the folder in question in XP, the : is 
not a valid character for a filename, and so the file is inaccessible 
and displays a strange filename.

I can't rememebr what samba version I was running however,
I fixed it initially by adding "vfs objects = streams_xattr" to smb.conf 
as suggested in the following thread

Subsequent to that I updated Samba to Version 3.2.4-4.1-1993-SUSE-SL11.0 
and have now also removed the above line from the config.


Desmond Vicks wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm running Samba 3.0.31_1,1 on FreeBSD 7.0.
> I have a problem where some files on the fileserver appear to have 
> illegal characters in them and so look mangled-up when viewed over Samba.
> Here's an example, listing files over Samba:
> rococo% ls PR
> Archive
> Awards
> ACD76Y~N    <-- Inhouse folder
> AOBC8G~A    <-- Outhouse folder
> Listing the same files directly on the fileserver with ls(1), the 
> filenames appear ok (-w in ls(1) forces raw printing of non-printable 
> characters):
> baroque% ls -w PR
> Archive
> Awards
> Inhouse
> Outhouse
> However, doing file(1) on the same directory shows some trailing 
> spaces in the two folders that appear mangled-up over Samba:
> baroque% file PR/*
> PR/Archive:     directory
> PR/Awards:      directory
> PR/Inhouse :    directory    <-- notice the space before the colon
> PR/Outhouse :   directory    <-- same here also
> Has anyone seen anything like this before?  There's a few similar 
> posts on the web, most notably [1], but they don't have any 
> resolutions and as much as I can see, our filenames don't have any of 
> the listed illegal characters in them.
> What I'd really like to find out is if anyone can recommend any tools 
> I can use to identify such illegal files and inspect this problem 
> further?
> Originally all of these files were copied from a Mac server with 
> rsync(1) and we've had a few problems with this already (had to use 
> 'veto files' configuration directive etc).  If anyone has any tips or 
> resources in general for using Samba with Mac clients, I'd love to 
> hear them.
> 1. http://tinyurl.com/8hfj58
> Many thanks,
> Dez

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