[Samba] How workstation get authenticated in DC

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Wed Jan 14 07:06:18 GMT 2009

Dear Friends,

I use LDAP as the samba backend passwd in RHEL. After adding some index to
LDAP, users cannot log in some workstations (Windows 2000/XP Pro), because
these workstations got dropped from the domain. The solution is to re-join
the workstation to the domain, but I do not know why workstation got dropped
from the domain. When I re-join the workstation to domain, I find that the
workstation LDAP entry change/add the attribute sambaNTPassword.

Therefore, in order to find why my workstations got dropped, I would like to
find out following theory:
1, which script is used to modify the attribute sambaNTPassword when I add a
workstation to domain in the workstation? Is the script sepcified in
2, Workstation must get authenticated in DC (domain controller). Then, where
PC stores its password that is used to authenticate itself at DC.
3, how PC make authentication at DC.

I checked out the 'using samba', 'official samba how-to', and the 'samby 3
by example', but failed to find the answer to these 3 questions.

You hints/explanation is highly appreciated!

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Jacky Wu/UFL - ICIL

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