[Samba] How workstation get authenticated in DC

Jacky Wu/UFL - ICIL jackyyjwu at icil.net
Wed Jan 14 03:35:18 GMT 2009

Dear Friends,   

I use LDAP as the samba backend passwd in RHEL. After adding some index to LDAP, some workstation lost the trust relationship with the domain controller. The solution is to re-join the workstation to the domain, but I do not know why workstation lost the trust relationship.   


When I re-join the workstation to domain, I find that the workstation LDAP entry change/add the attribute sambaNTPassword. Therefore, would you please instruct which script is called to modify the attribute sambaNTPassword when I add a workstation to domain?  I also want to know how PC make authentication at DC, where PC stores its password (used to authenticate itself during authentication).   


You hints/explanation is highly appreciated!   

Thank you.

Best Regards, 
Jacky Wu/UFL - ICIL 

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