[Samba] Samba performance issue

Fabien azertyzero at free.fr
Thu Jan 8 14:27:53 GMT 2009

Thanks for the information.

Do you know why the smbclient, although faster, is not fast enough to go 
over 80Mo/s ?

Is there any plan to do the fiddly work on the smbfs implementation to 
make it as fast as smbclient ? :)

I didn't try the fuse implemtations yet. I found two : "SMB for Fuse" 
and "usmb". I going to try them when possible.

Has anyone already tried them ?

Thanks !


Volker Lendecke a écrit :
>> I did the following test (Debian packages) :
>> Server & Client : samba 3.2.5
>> mount -t smbfs : ~35Mo/s
>> mount -t cifs : ~35Mo/s
>> smbclient : ~80Mo/s
>> Server & Client : samba 3.0.24
>> mount -t smbfs : ~35Mo/s
>> mount -t cifs : ~35Mo/s
>> smbclient : ~60Mo/s
> It's the latencies that kill performance. Given the
> request->response nature of the protocol with a limited
> request size (no matter how large you make them), you can
> only get a certain number of round trips per second.
> smbclient 3.2 and even more in upcoming 3.3 hides those
> latencies by issuing more than one request at the same time
> using the "Multiplex ID" field in the SMB header properly.
> Neither cifs nor smbfs do this.
> Volker

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