[Samba] smbcontrol smbd ping also answered by nmbd and winbindd

Michael Weiser M.Weiser at science-computing.de
Thu Jan 8 14:01:27 GMT 2009

Hello Jeremy,

thanks for your answer.

On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 04:17:40PM -0800, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > with samba-3.0.x an "smbcontrol smbd ping" was answered by all running
> > smbd processes. With samba-3.2.x it is now *also* answered by nmbd and
> > winbindd:
> Yeah - Herb found this problem, see this mail thread :

> "http://markmail.org/message/iivngxhc4mwpdi4s#query:herb lewis smbcontrol samba.org+page:1+mid:j5n4r27dnkiciemo+state:results"

> for details. This got changed in the 3.3 source tree
> (and beyond) but not in the 3.2.x tree.

I backported the patch to 3.2.7. It applies cleanly and restores part of
the old behaviour. But: If smbd is not running, smbcontrol still reverts
to broadcasting which will again trigger answers from nmbd and winbindd.
In effect, ping can still not be used to determine if smbd is running or
not. This would also be the case for 3.3.

Can this be changed?

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