[Samba] samba- hangs up when kernel has ipv6 disabled

salil kanitkar slashforu at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 17:04:04 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Working on samba- on an ARM board(fedora-8:ARM).
With IPV6_ENABLE not set in the kernel config i find smbd hanging up

strace showed the reason as -->
EAFNOSUPPORT(Address family not supported by protocol)
with socket and bind system calls to specified interfaces failing.
So compiling the kernel with IPV6 enabled and then burning kernel image on
the board, smbd doen't hang up and everything works - however removing it
makes smbd hang as said above.

as a work around I had also tried adding samba_cv_HAVE_IPV6=no in
%configure section of the spec file but smbd would still hang up with
strace showing up EAFNOSUPPORT.

So does it mean that samba- can not work with a kernel having IPV6
But the following pdf disagrees -

So I must be messing things up somewhere and can't seem to find it with
hours n hours of fiddling. Can anyone help me out here?

Thanks in anticipation ;-)

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