[Samba] What steps to take

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Wed Jan 7 12:51:20 GMT 2009

OK, have you looked at lpr-ng?

Since CUPS, I don't really look at Samba for sharing anymore but CUPS 
does work with Samba so you may find something in the CUPS code base re. 
printer discovery.

Tom Van Deun wrote:
> There is no desktop involved. It's for use on an AIX system. So that 
> won't help I'm afraid. It needs to be CLI
> On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 12:52 PM, Gary Dale <garydale at rogers.com 
> <mailto:garydale at rogers.com>> wrote:
>     There are the GUI tools like the KDE printer and the print manager
>     that acquire the list of printers somehow. And there's the
>     Konqueror "Services" "Print System Browser" section that gets a
>     list of printers. Gnome has similar capabilities, so whatever
>     desktop you are using should have some code you can look at and
>     see how it operates live.
>     Tom Van Deun wrote:
>         I can't use smbclient because that means I need to do an
>         install. That'll have to be approved etc etc and it won't get
>         approved. If I write or use a small piece of code that's ok.
>         I've looked around for other tools but to be honest I can't
>         find any. If you know of some do let me know.
>         Kind regards,
>         Tom Van Deun
>         On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 12:27 PM, Gary Dale
>         <garydale at rogers.com <mailto:garydale at rogers.com>
>         <mailto:garydale at rogers.com <mailto:garydale at rogers.com>>> wrote:
>            Tom Van Deun wrote:
>                Hi list
>                I'm attempting to list windows shared printers in Unix.
>         That's
>                really all
>                that I need and I can't install Samba on the machine I
>         need to
>                list the
>                shared printers from. I started analyzing the smbclient
>         code
>                hoping to
>                extract the necessary info but as you all know it's a
>         daunting
>                task.
>                Certainly for a C novice.
>                Which is why I want to ask if there is anyone out there who
>                can help me. Be
>                it suppling me the entire or partial code, provide some
>                detailed steps I
>                should follow so I can figure it out myself or just clues.
>                Anything really,
>                I'll filter it.
>                Extra info:
>                I relaly just need to list the printers shared on
>         Windows 2000
>                systems (as
>                far as I know). I don't need authentication or anything. It
>                should work more
>                or less like "smbclient -L <remote system>" but it doesn't
>                have to list the
>                shared drives. No problem if it does though. (and no, I
>         can't
>                simply use
>                smbclient =/)
>                Kind regards,
>                Tom
>            Why not use smbclient if all you want is the list? Pipe the
>         output
>            through your favourite tool tool to remove the extra lines you
>            don't want...
>            However, there are other tools around that also give you a
>         list of
>            Windows (and other) printers. Have you looked at them? I don't
>            think there is an "easy" way to get through the morass of
>         SMB code
>            for this.
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