[Samba] What steps to take

Tom Van Deun tomvdeun at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 08:25:58 GMT 2009

Hi list

I'm attempting to list windows shared printers in Unix. That's really all
that I need and I can't install Samba on the machine I need to list the
shared printers from. I started analyzing the smbclient code hoping to
extract the necessary info but as you all know it's a daunting task.
Certainly for a C novice.

Which is why I want to ask if there is anyone out there who can help me. Be
it suppling me the entire or partial code, provide some detailed steps I
should follow so I can figure it out myself or just clues. Anything really,
I'll filter it.

Extra info:
I relaly just need to list the printers shared on Windows 2000 systems (as
far as I know). I don't need authentication or anything. It should work more
or less like "smbclient -L <remote system>" but it doesn't have to list the
shared drives. No problem if it does though. (and no, I can't simply use
smbclient =/)

Kind regards,


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