[Samba] Domain logins not working

Adam Tauno Williams adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 02:49:52 GMT 2009

> ile sharing is working well after I remapped the drives on a running
> XP/Pro workstation. However, I can't get logins to work. I've set up
> machine accounts for each XP/Pro workstation and used SWAT to create the
> new Samba accounts and enable them (with the same password as before)
> but XP/Pro refuses to allow the logins. I also tried mapping a share on
> the old server to a directory on the new and I get the same problem -
> it's having problems finding a DC.
> Here's my smb.conf (minus most of the shares), if that helps (ps, I will
> set the log level higher as part of my debugging so don't suggest I do
> that. However, any suggestions on what may be going wrong are welcome.
> :)  ):

Do you have a box handling WINS?  Also make sure the SID of your net
domain controller is the same as the SID of your old domain controller
(net getlocalsid/setlocalsid, I think)?
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