[Samba] Windows Domain Member NTFS Permissions

Regis Niggemann regisn at techheads.com
Fri Jan 2 19:51:25 GMT 2009

Help please...


Using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS w/Samba 3.0.28a using LDAP backend.


I can add users, groups, etc.  On a member workstation (or server)
running Windows (XP, 2003, 2000), I can assign users and/or groups
permissions to files and folders.  However, users are not granted access
to the files and folders.  On XP and 2003, if I use the Effective
Permissions tool (right-click folder, Properites, Security tab,
Advanced, Effective Permissions tab, Select the user, click Ok), the
effective permissions shows "Windows cannot calculate the effective
permissions for TestUser3.


The Samba DC is over a WAN connection.  The users are behind a NAT
firewall, but we can join machines to the domain and logon just fine.


Any help or insight, even just a direction to look, would be very much


Thank you!


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