[Samba] Samba in VirtualBox

Christian Wansart squall90 at gmx.net
Thu Jan 1 11:45:06 GMT 2009

Hello there,

currently I have Windows on my machine because I need it for school. And 
because of my small hard disc (only 80 GB) I cannot install Linux.
I have a magazine about Linux with an introduction to Samba. That's why 
I wanted to try out Samba.
I downloaded VirtualBox and installed Archlinux. Samba is installed and 
I created a shared folder on Windows and on my Archlinux, but I could'nt 
find them in the network. Neither with Windows nor with Linux.
I found out that my Archlinux is in another network than my "normal 
clients". It is in and my pcs are in
With Arch can ping the Windows clients with their normal IP 
(, etc.). But I cannot ping Arch on my 
Windows clients (with the IP
I also found out that I can access the router control with a browser in 
Arch with which is normally

Is there any way to get in the same network so I can test/use Samba with 
my VirtualBox?

Christian Wansart

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