[Samba] Samba tunneling over SSH - does the ssh login count RE permissions

Kevin Bailey kbailey at freewayprojects.com
Wed Feb 25 10:51:04 GMT 2009

Kevin Bailey wrote:
> Michael Heydon wrote:
>> Kevin Bailey wrote:
>>> Also, we had trouble setting up a VPN from his house - can't 
>>> remember the details apart from the fact that it was BT's fault!
>> Was this using OpenVPN or PPTP? OpenVPN is much more flexible than 
>> PPTP and will happily work across all but the most stubborn 
>> connections  (also it doesn't rely on GRE which is what has caused me 
>> the most VPN headaches).
> It was OpenVPN/IPSec.  I think it was to do with the router supplied 
> by BT - I would have replaced it but couldn't for some reason.
>> I haven't used Sage before, but if it is opening the data files 
>> directly off a share (which would seem to be the case) then you may 
>> run into issues using it remotely. I have had users insist on running 
>> MYOB and Quicken over VPNs, if they are lucky it is almost unusable 
>> and they give up, a couple have had issues with file corruption.
> This is why I was hoping to use SMB tunnelled over SSH - that way it 
> is using Samba for the file sharing.  But you're making a good point.  
> Initially I shared out the files over FTP and set up Netdrive on the 
> PC - and this resulted in corrupted data.
> I've tried various ways to enable users to connect their Windows PC to 
> a network share.
> Basically, the office gets assigned an 8 IP address block - their PC's 
> are then behind a router on one of the addresses - and the server is 
> assigned another address.  That way the Laptops are set to access the 
> server via it's internet static IP address.  The nice thing is that 
> the users then access the server in exactly the same way if they are 
> in the office or elsewhere connected to the internet.
> Of course - when they're in the office they get very fast access to 
> the server and the traffic never leaves the building.
> We've had reasonable success with Netdrive accessing FTP shares from 
> PC's for file reading and saving.
> I've tried SSH - no joy, SFTPShare is buggy and crashes Windows 
> explorer.  Also, tried using encrypted data/comms channels over FTP 
> using Vsftpd - again problems with the Windows client.
>> Have you considered RDP? This would allow quick and easy access from 
>> most connections without any setup, it would be faster than pulling a 
>> large access file over a VPN and would be immune to corruption as a 
>> result of interrupted connections.
> That is a very good idea and will provide a fallback.  What I'm 
> thinking of doing is to run tests on a test server here (old laptop) 
> and see how the connection of Samba over SSH fares - but you're right 
> in general.  There are two problems here - Sage using crappy Access 
> database files and then crappy MS networking.
> Will update the list later with progress.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
>> *Michael Heydon - IT Administrator *
>> michaelh at jaswin.com.au <mailto:michaelh at jaswin.com.au>


Managed to get Vista SP1 to connect to a Samba server - used the tricks here


but although the shares are showing the files and folders are not being 
listed.  Now this is a non-authenticated Samba setup - i.e. a basic one 
for 2-3 users where they wanted easy access to all shares/files - so I 
set up up with SHARE access and guest OK to everything.  That way the 
users did not need to authenticate.

Now they have grown they want to authenticate to protect certain shares 
so I have to set up USER sharing.

My question is - do you think the SHARE access is responsible for 
accessing over SSH tunnel not showing the files/folders?


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