[Samba] using winbind to map existing unix to AD users

Tom Lieuallen toml at engr.orst.edu
Wed Feb 25 00:24:47 GMT 2009

Andrew Chaplin wrote:
> idmap backend = nss
> It took me a while to figure that one out and I only got it after 
> someone posted something on this list that was somewhat related.
> I'm using it with 3.0.33 included in Solaris 10 and it works like a 
> charm for win clients.  OSX clients are a different story due to issues 
> with Finder.

This appears to be the right answer for our situation.  It didn't work 
for me with samba 3.3.0, but it did with 3.3.1.

thank you

Tom Lieuallen

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