[Samba] net sam provision

S0L0 at gmx-topmail.de S0L0 at gmx-topmail.de
Tue Feb 24 22:28:15 GMT 2009

Hello everybody,

I am currently trying to set up a Samba PDC with OpenLDAP.

I am trying to do this with Ldapsam_Editposix (got it from http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Ldapsam_Editposix ) instead of the smbldap-tools.

I followed the instructions and everything is set fine. I imported the base structure from the given ldif (edited it to my domain), but when I try to let the command "net sam provision" create the necessary groups and users it just fails with "Unable to allocate a new gid to create Domain Users group". It does nothing. I tried "net -d10 sam provision" but it shows no more errors. It just says, that the connection to ldap was successfully established and then throws out the error message (as written).

What prerequisites are there to make this command work? I would really like to use this feature as I would like to administrate the Domain with the NT4 ResKit-Tools srvmgr und usrmgr.

Thank you

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