[Samba] Sun One feasible for Samba

Cameron Laird claird.visiprise at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 09:04:50 GMT 2009

Is Sun ONE a feasible LDAP repository for use with recent Samba
(presumably 3.3)?  I've sought tutorials, mailing-list threads, and so
on, and found only marginally-related information.  My impression is
that, yes, it's possible in principle, but will require customization
of the Sun ONE schema that's documented no place public.

I did come across <URL:
>.  I assume I'd need to update this, and also account for

Any definite results or conclusions are a big help, as I don't have
direct control over the Sun ONE instance; it's the responsibility of a
different group under the same employer.  Unless I hear particularly
encouraging words, I'll create my own OpenLDAP instance, use *it* to
back Samba, and do my best to synchronize the OpenLDAP repository with
the authoritative content from Sun ONE.

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