[Samba] nmb dies

Matthew Davidson mld4165 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 21 12:06:06 GMT 2009


I am running Samba on Fedora version 3.0.31-0 as a stand alone server and running wins. This server is the domain master and has five other subnets that it maintains a browser list.

A couple of times a week it has just stopped running with nothing noteworthy in log.nmbd, nothing under /cores/nmbd, and nothing in messages.

Restarts are ok and then it runs for a while. It stops at different times so I am not sure where to look for the answer.

some of the conf file:
domain master = yes
local master = yes
workgroup = mygroup
os level - 150
interfaces = eth0:0, eth1:1
bind interfaces only = yes
remote announce = and so on
debug level = 5




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