[Samba] LDAP Migration problem

Quinn Fissler qfissler at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 09:44:22 GMT 2009

Which OS are you running? Linux I presume.

A likely problem is that you didn't get the samba server set up with the
same SID as that in the ldap db.
Another is that you missed getting nss_ldap working.
Also is the that you don't have a schema storing the hashes being used....
...or even that you are using credentials to access the ldap db which are
not allowed to see the data required to log in.

You can look at logs /var/log/samba   - try ls -lart after trying to log in
and look at the newest logs.

You can look at your ldap database directly using  slapcat | less  - this
works well - use the search '/' and the machine name.

You can check that nss_ldap works by typing
getent passwd

check that you see ldap data in there - machines appear with a leading $

In any case, you should see more lines from getent passwd than from cat

2009/2/19 Gerard Hooton <ghooton at bbns.ie>

> Hello all,
> I am using Samba version 3.2.5 configured for Windows Domain login.
> It was working fine until I moved over to ldapsam.
> Now when I login to the XP client I don't see the logon drive (X: in my
> case)
> Any debug tips?
> //Ger
> --
> Gerard Hooton
> Systems Administrator
> Blarney Boy's National School,
> Blarney.
> Co. Cork
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