[Samba] Samba PDC

Carl Parsons carl.parsons at pingnu.com
Wed Feb 18 11:58:34 GMT 2009


Yes it is working I just added the following not sure if they are all 
needed but at last it is working for Win98 Clients and Samba Version 

        lanman auth = Yes
        ntlm auth = No
        lm announce = Yes
        client lanman auth = Yes


Thanks again once I am hoping to get ldap and PDC BDC working for Fedora 
10 will post on http://www.pingun.org

> Miguel Medalha wrote:
>>> I have a Fedora 6 with samba 3.0.2465 working great as a PDC with 
>>> Win98 clients. The server has domain logon working and login scripts 
>>> running I have made a second server to replace the first but after 
>>> upgrading beyond Fedora 8 it no longer works. I can see shares with 
>>> Vista64 Business and XP Pro although they will not authenticate but  
>>> the win98 boxes I get "the domain password you supplied is not 
>>> correct or access to your server has been denied."
>> I am not sure if this applies to your case or to the samba version 
>> you quote, but recently the defaults for parameters "client lanman 
>> auth" and "lanman auth" have been changed from "Yes" to "No". 
>> Disabling this option will also disable the |client plaintext auth| 
>> option.
>> Please consult the smb.conf man page for these parameters.

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