[Samba] Help with Samba, RHEL 5.0, and policies

Scott R. Ehrlich scott at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 17 19:13:43 GMT 2009

I have an isolated LAN with an out-of-box installation of RHEL 5.0 Server 
64-bit running samba, with some CentOS 5.0 systems and Windows XP w/SP2 
machines.   The XP machines are part of a domain via the RHEL Samba setup.

I want to be able to control such things as the XP Event Viewer loggings - 
the catagories Application, System, and Security, have options to let the 
log sizes:

- Overwrite events as neededed
- Overwrite events older than x days
- Do not overwrite events (clear log manually)

If I log in as local admin and select, for example, Do not overwrite, then 
reboot, that same machine will switch to Overwrite events as needed. 
This occurs on all the Windows XP machines on this samba domain.

Is the version of samba that comes with RHEL 5.0 out-of-box, unpatched, 
capable of managing this kind of setting?  If so, how?

Said Windows machines were new installs that were built up by me and this 
is the only domain they have been on.

So, how do I control this?



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