[Samba] Trustom not working after upgrade to 3.3.0

François Legal devel at thom.fr.eu.org
Mon Feb 16 22:05:30 GMT 2009

I was running 3.2.4 successfully with trustdom relationship (one way
only) working perfectly. 

I'm trying now to upgrade to 3.3.0, but the relationship seems to be
down now. Revoking and re establishing did not help. I had the same
issue while trying to update to 3.2.6 
By checking the logs, it seems that trusting domain PDC is not
sending the correct password to trusted domain PDC when connectiong to
the Samr pipe. 

Reverting trusted domain PDC to 3.2.4 fixes the problem. 
I can provide level 10 logs of both PDCs (smbd for trusted and
winbindd for trusting). 
Anybody can help ? 

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