[Samba] Strange issue with Samba + LDAP + Domain Member

Bryan Celentano bryan.celentano at ultracontrols.aero
Sun Feb 15 17:27:21 GMT 2009



I keep posting but no replies yet, this is a new issue, the rest I seem to
have fixed.


I have an odd issue:


*	When I do net rpc join the PDC creates the account, and puts it into
LDAP, which looks fine.
*	I then can access the domain and winbind works fine from the Domain
Member server.
*	On the PDC I see the following error: "pdb_get_group_sid: Failed to
find Unix account for member$"
*	So I had a look into the nss_ldap and found it wasn't searching the
ou=computers, so I added this in, and the error goes.
*	Then I have a new issue, the domain member and winbind fails with
*	So I remove the nss_ldap entry for the ou=computers and it all works


Has anyone come across this issue?  Any help would be great.




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