SV: [Samba] net use /home ?

Anders Norrbring lists at
Sat Feb 14 09:09:36 GMT 2009

>>On 2/13/2009, John Drescher (drescherjm at wrote:
>> Go figure.. Also, nothing really changed on the system apart from 
>> upgrading the samba package from 2 to 3.2.8, that's the strange thing..
>Considering that is a HUGE jump in versions, should you really be surprised that there are some issues?
>Best regards,

First I want to emphasize that I am really, really, working on trying to be nice, and not a complete ass.
That said, no Charles, I didn't expect it to go by without issues. But after reading up, well -browsing, the change logs and upgrade infos available, I came up with that I had to add indexes to LDAP, which I did and that went smooth as expected. 

However I did NOT find anything in those documents about mapping to /home.
If I had seen any info on that, I wouldn't call for advice on this list. Would I?

I guess my question was 'is it deprecated', or am I missing something..? The question stands.

With wishes for a wonderful weekend,
Anders. (-20.6 C)
Certified ass.

(and CNE, MCNE, CNI, CCNA, CCDA, MCP, MCNE, MCTS, MCA, CLDA, CLA, CLP, and then some.) Sorry, could not resist.

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