[Samba] Over 400 smbd pid's?

Walter Mautner retlaw.rentuam at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 18:52:55 GMT 2009

Am Friday 13 February 2009 14:01:43 schrieb Ed Kasky:
> Over the past 2 days, my smbd processes are multiplying worse than
> rabbits.  At least with rabbits it's easy to tell why you wind up
> with so many...
> Here's the setup:
> Samba version 3.2.8-0.24 installed via rpm on a FC6 box with 2 nics,
> both on the same subnet.  The samba server acts as a PDC in a mixed

Please explain your reasons for using two NICs with IPs on the same subnet and 
how you make sure packets sent out through one interface don't get their 
replies routed through the other.

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