[Samba] net use /home ?

Anders Norrbring lists at norrbring.se
Fri Feb 13 13:37:40 GMT 2009

John Drescher skrev:
>> Is 'net use x: /home' deprecated nowadays? I just upgraded a very old Samba 2 to 3.2.8 and suddenly no workstations at all can use that command to map to their home directories.
>> Workstations are W2k, Win XP and Vista in a mix. Neither work.
> It works for me (in my department) and has been working from NT4 to
> windows 2003 and samba 3.0.4 to samba 3.0.34. I do not have vista
> installed on my network so I can not comment on that.
>> Samba use LDAP as back end, and the related posts in smb.conf are these:
>> logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U\.msprofile
>> logon script = login.bat
>> logon home = \\%L\%U\.9xprofile
>> logon drive = J:
>> [homes]
>>        comment = Home
>>        valid users = %S, %D%w%S
>>        browseable = no
>>        read only = No
>>        inherit acls = Yes
>>        guest ok = no
>>        printable = no
>> Ideas are welcome!
>> Anders.
> I would start testing by commenting out valid users and making sure
> that the POSIX permissions allow the users access to the folders that
> you are trying to share.
> John

It works alright, and all users have full access to their own home 
directories. Also, say user "elsa" logs in. She won't get a mapping to 
\\server\elsa via the 'net use j: /home' command, but she will get full 
access with 'net use j: \\server\elsa'

Go figure.. Also, nothing really changed on the system apart from 
upgrading the samba package from 2 to 3.2.8, that's the strange thing..


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