[Samba] Problems with Samba4 implimentation

David Wells d.wells at vitalcan.com.ar
Fri Feb 13 12:38:24 GMT 2009

Hi Derwyn!

    Even though I don't have any experience with Samba4 I don't think 
deploying software upgrades is even planed to be a part of the samba 
core. That's why I wanted to point you to www.wpkg.org where you can 
find a great piece of software that can help you with this matter.

    David Wells.

derwyn escribió:
> Hi,
> I've managed to get samba4 up and running with some of the group 
> functionalities  tested and working.
> What I did get stuck on and asking for help is that I wanted to set up 
> a users "Roaming" profile like in ADS.
> and also if it is possible to control software updates like AD.
> Just wanted to know if this was possible in samba4 and if yes can you 
> please point me to the page where I can read about this or please help 
> me with it.
> Derwyn

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